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Isatel вот уже более 10 лет работает
с коммерческими компаниями.
Компания Исател хорошо зарекомендовала себя в процессе реализации важных государственных проектов.
Архипелаг Шпицберген, Исател организует связь на самой северной точке для всех сетей спутниковой связи.
Russian satellite communications operator LLC "Isatel" - the first company of the international group "Intersputnik Holding", created and developed on the initiative of the participating countries MOX "Intersputnik".
"Isatel" - an experienced player in the Russian telecommunications market, thanks to a professional, experienced team, and the active support of MOX "Intersputnik", the company actively develops and holds a strong position in the telecommunications market.
In addition to the operator's activity, "Isatel" is the base of multinational group "Intersputnik Holding", created from the Group companies in other countries that have expressed interest in the new concept of "Intersputnik". From October 2007 to the international groups to join the company LLC "Isatel" provider satellite communication services in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.